2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Ignition Smart Chip Key Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Ignition Transponder Chip Key
Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:
This vehicle requires two working programmed keys to add a key to the system.  
1. Get new key cut by a Locksmith or qualified person.
2. Insert the first programmed key into ignition and turn it to the ON position for 5 seconds and then turn it back to the OFF position and remove key.
3. Insert the second programmed key into the ignition and turn to the on position until the immobilizer light is flashing.(within 10 seconds) then turn ignition back to the OFF position and remove key. Note: If an error occurs while the immobilizer indicator light is flashing, the immobilizer light will go out, otherwise it should still be flashing.
4. Within 30 seconds of the flashing indicator light insert the new key into ignition and turn to the ON position. The immobilizer indicator light should stay solid for about 3 seconds when programming is complete. You can then turn key back to the OFF position and remove key. Note: If an error occurs the immobilizer indicator light will flash 3 times. You then must start over from beginning again.
5. The new key should now start vehicle.
6. To program additional keys repeat steps 1 through 5 for each additional key. 
If you have one or no keys for this vehicle.
This vehicle is not on board programmable and requires a qualified professional to program Ignition key.

1. Locate an automotive locksmith in your area by visiting LocateALocksmith.com

2. If your vehicle is still mobile, it may save you money by driving to the locksmith instead of having them come to you.

3. The locksmith will then hook up specialized computer equipment to your vehicle in order to program the ignition transponder chip key.  
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