2004 Toyota RAV4 Ignition Chip Key Transponder Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2004 Toyota 4Runner Ignition Fob Smart Chip Key

Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:

  1. Enter vehicle and close all doors, antitheft light will be blinking

  2. Insert master key 5 into times into the ignition leaving master key in the ignition on the 5th insertion, antitheft light will be out.

  3. Open and close driver’s door 6 times.

  4. Remove master key from ignition, antitheft light stays on.

  5. Verify that security light on the information display is solid, indicating that the car successfully entered programming mode

  6. Insert new transponder chip key.

  7. Watch security light blinking for about 60 seconds

  8. When security light goes out, your new key should be successfully programmed

  9. Remove newly programmed key from the ignition cylinder and insert master key and start engine. This will take vehicle out of programming mode.

  10. Shut key off and insert the newly programmed key and start car.

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