2007 Toyota Tundra Ignition Transponder Chip Key Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2007 Toyota Tundra Transponder Chip Key

Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:

Add Duplicate Key
Requires one working Toyota Master Key.

1. Make sure all doors and windows are closed.

2. Insert Master key into the ignition cylinder.

3. Cycle the ignition cylinder from On to OFF five times.

4. Open and close the driver side door 6 times.

5. Remove the Master key and insert the new duplicates key.


7. The new key will be registered after 60 seconds. The THEFT light on the dashboard will go out, indicating that programming has been completed. 
To delete all but one key from the System
1. Simultaneously depress and release brake and accelerator pedals 1 time.

2. Insert an existing master key into the ignition cylinder. Do not turn the key from the OFF (LOCK) position.

3. Within fifteen seconds of inserting the key, depress and release the accelerator pedal six times.

4. Within twenty seconds of completing the above step, depress and release the brake pedal seven times.

5. The security light will flash, indicating all keys other than the one being used have been deleted.

6. Remove the key from the ignition cylinder within ten seconds. It will be the only key still programmed to work. 
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