2009 Mitsubishi Endeavor Ignition Smart Chip Key Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2009 Mitsubishi Endeavor Ignition Chip Key 

Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:
If you have one or no keys for this vehicle.
This vehicle is not on board programmable and requires a qualified professional to program Ignition key.

1. Locate an automotive locksmith in your area using LocateALocksmith.com

2. If your vehicle is still mobile, it may save you money by driving to the locksmith instead of having them come to you.

3. The locksmith will then hook up specialized computer equipment to your vehicle in order to program the ignition transponder chip key.
Use these instructions to program the key

NOTE ● You are provided with 2 keys, but you may add up to 6 more keys. Customer key programming (Except for vehicles sold in Canada) You can program new keys to the system if you have two valid (already registered) keys and blank (not registered) immobilizer key (specially cut for your vehicle) by doing the following:
1. Insert the first programmed key into the ignition and turn the ignition to the “ON” position for 5 seconds.
2. Turn the ignition to the “LOCK” position and remove the first key.
3. Within 30 seconds of turning the first key to the “LOCK” position, insert the second programmed key into the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position. About 10 seconds later, the immobilizer indicator (on the dash board) will start blinking
4. When the immobilizer indicator starts blinking(on the dash board), turn the second valid key to the “LOCK” position and remove it. Within 30 seconds after doing so, insert a blank cut key into the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position. Perform this operation no more than 30 seconds after the immobilizer indicator starts blinking. When registration of the ID code is complete, the immobilizer indicator will come on for 3 seconds then go off. If an error occurs, the immobilizer indicator will go off during the procedure.
5. If you wish to program another key, perform the process again from step 1. 
Use these instructions to program the remote.
1. Locate the Data Port.
2. Insert keys in ignition and leave in the OFF position.
3. Make sure there are metal contact pins in terminals 1 and 4 and connect the Data Port with a suitable jumper wire, leave jumper wire connected throughout the programming procedure. Make sure you know which terminals are 1 and 4.

4. Within 10 seconds after connecting the jumper wire, press the Hazard Switch 6 times. Note: The doors will automatically lock and unlock once at this time indicating that the system is in the programming mode.

5. Press the LOCK button on the remote to be registered three times within 10 seconds. Upon successful programming, the door will lock and unlock once.

6. Repeat step 5 with up to 4 remotes (including any existing remotes) within one minute. After completing each programming, the doors will lock and unlock once.

7. Disconnect the programming wire and remove the keys from the ignition.