2008 Mazda 5 Ignition Smart Chip Key Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2008 Mazda 5 Ignition Smart Key
Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:
Use this procedure to program the key portion of your flip key.

You must have 2 original keys that start your engine to perform this procedure. If you only have one working key or none at all it must be programmed by a locksmith! Your New third (unprogrammed) key must also be cut prior to performing this procedure.

This procedure requires original programmed keys.

1. Insert an programmed (working) key into the ignition cylinder.

2. Turn the ignition cylinder ON (Without cranking the engine) and back to OFF. Ignition should stay in ON position for approximately 3 seconds until security goes out.

3. Turn to OFF positing and remove the existing key

4. WITHIN TEN SECONDS, insert a second programmed (working) key and turn to ON and then back to OFF. Ignition must be on for at least 3 seconds until security light goes out.

5. Turn to OFF position and remove the existing key.

6. Insert the New (unprogrammed) key before twenty seconds have elapsed and turn to ON. Leave it in the ON position for at least 3 seconds and turn back to OFF.

7. The security light will light up for THREE seconds to indicate the new key has been successfully programmed. 

Use the following procedure to program the remote portion of your flip key.  
1. Get in vehicle and close all doors, then open the drivers door and leave it open.

2. Within 24 seconds you must insert key into the ignition and turn the ignition switch to ON and then OFF three times and leave the key in the ignition. Then close and open the drivers door three times.

3. When done properly the doors will automatically lock and then unlock. Now the vehicle is in programming mode. If locks do not cycle you must start the procedure over.

4. Push the unlock button twice on the first remote to be programmed. The door locks will cycle automatically to indicate successful programming. If there is only one remote to be programmed to the vehicle you must push any button twice again on the same remote, wait for locks to cycle, then push any button twice one more time on the same remote. If there are two remotes to be programmed then press any button on the second remote twice, wait for locks to cycle, then push any button twice again on the second remote. To program three remotes to this vehicle you must press button twice on second remote, wait for locks to cycle, then press any button twice on the third remote.

5. Programming is now complete. Close the door and test remotes to ensure proper programming. 

For those who do not have 2 original keys they will have to be programmed by a locksmith.